Prescribing Primary Care Pharmacist

DMC Healthcare has been providing primary care services in the UK for over forty years, treating approximately 45,000 registered patients and over 90,000 walk-in patients per year, employing 200+ staff and clinicians.

An excellent opportunity to join DMC Healthcare team of Pharmacist in primary care environment.

As Independent Prescribing Pharmacist you will be working within a multi-disciplinary team under the supervision of a GP Clinical Lead who will be responsible for your personal development within this role.

You will have a pivotal role, as the pharmacy member within the primary care team contributing to the quality of care and operational efficiencies of a large, modern, GP training practice, with a passion to deliver excellent service.

You need to be a highly motivated individual, passionate about patient
care, with excellent IT skills and an ability to communicate effectively with
clinicians, patients and other members of the primary care team.

An understanding of primary care is desirable and you will be required
to maintain a good knowledge of QOF, QIPPP, Auditing, NICE guidelines and other
developments in relation to the Primary Medical Services Contract.

For the successful applicant; it is a stepping stone into a future
career with a rapidly growing and diverse healthcare organisation where
pharmacists are valued and where ambition is rewarded


In return, you will enjoy a challenging and diverse career with DMC.

We offer good market pay-scales, travel benefits, Pension, training and support. 

We offer healthcare and wellbeing benefits, growth and development opportunities and other additional perks.

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Still unsure? Read our ‘DMC Reasons’! 7 Reasons you should choose DMC…

  •       Heritage: DMC has been a trusted provider to the NHS for more than 50 years 
  •       Family: We have always been family run, so this is the way all our staff relate to each other – as family! 
  • Purpose: DMC offers a highly gratifying professional path. Our dedicated, compassionate staff help 300,000 patients each year!  
  • Culture: Our work culture is one of collaboration and trust. After all, looking out for one another is what families do! 
  • Growth: DMC is a growth environment. We mean this both as an ever-expanding company, and as a place that nurtures talent and expands the skillsets of its employees 
  • Mission: Our 400+ employees work in tandem with a singular purpose: delivering healthier outcomes, for patients, for commissioners, and for the NHS 
  • Pizza people! It's hungry work out on the frontlines of NHS care! On the last Friday of each month we treat ourselves and relive the hectic month that's been! 


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